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Articles, tips and guidance surrounding Ottawa education system for all parents.

Teachers Call for Wi-Fi Ban

Interesting to note that while teachers are calling for a WI-FI Ban in schools they probably have not removed the microwaves from the staff room or the student cafeteria. It is very simplistic to want to ban what is not working out, because WI-FI causes student... read more

Please keep your child home from school today…

It used be a saying that school secretaries would tell parents when their child was sick and parents sent their child to school anyway because last minute care-giver arrangements were too complicated, or not pre-arranged, or the other parent was not able to stay home... read more

Back to school – for adults too!

September is often a month that evokes back to school for students, with images of backpacks, lunches and yellow school buses. With a growing number of adults returning to school in recent years, the extra lunch is headed with a parent to a classroom instead of a... read more

Why Certain Video Games Make Kids Smarter

Ask any young person, parent or teacher if they have had a discussion on this topic and the chances of them saying yes is very high. That is because in every generation there is a hot button topic that fires one set of minds against another: two generations ago it was... read more